Friday, December 4, 2009

A Crafty Christmas Affair

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These posters on the street caught my eye and made me curious about this event. I was lured in by the fun girlie graphics and also because I really do think nothing beats the personal touch of handmade gifts at Christmas time.

The Night Market was held yesterday evening at Our City O-Tautahi, in the Queen Anne Building on the corner of Worcester Boulevard and Oxford Terrace in central Christchurch. It was a small hosting 20 local crafters and designers displaying and selling their goods to the public. The first-time event was organized by Felt, a local craft group and online shop. I was pleased to find some unique pieces on display and walked away with a couple of items in hand, a little packet of illustrated greeting cards I bought from Ballpoint and a precious hand-stitched book from The Busy Finch. Let's hope this market becomes and annual event with a growing number of participating crafters and designers.

To find these products: visit the Ballpoint Greeting Cards website. Handmade goods from The Busy Finch are available at Pocket on London Street in Lyttelton and on the Felt website.

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