Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Speakeasy Found in Undeveloped Laneway

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The Christchurch Temperance Society opened its doors a few weeks ago in a small laneway off of Tuam Street, behind NG Cafe. From the exterior at daytime, Christchurch Temperance Society has the same feeling as a popular Melbourne bar - hidden away in a under-trafficked laneway, no glaring signs, only a few markings, and entirely closed up. These are all components that create a sense of frontierism and of satisfaction having once passed through the doors of a "secret society". And in this case, the few markings that do exist resemble, or in fact may be erasable chalk, a nice touch that adds an element of secrecy and exclusivity, and a nod to the era of temperance.

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Christchurch Temperance Society
Off Tuam Street, behind Workshop

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