Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Local Profile: Stephan Schaffer, German Sausage Trader

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After going through the Art Gallery, stop by and pick up a brattie at The Bratwurst Grill food cart. Owner and trader, Stephan Schaffer, can be found outside of the Arts Centre almost everyday selling cooked bratwursts at the bargain price of $4-4.50 as an inexpensive lunch option, as well as packaged salamis and other German meats. Stephan is also currently opening a European Food Shop call Mr. Schnitzel at South City Mall. I recently asked Stephan some questions about his trade and why he enjoys working in Christchurch. Here's what I discovered:
  • How did you get into this line of work? What motivated you? I’ve been doing this for two and half years. A long time ago in Germany, my family became friends with Wynton Rufer, the famous New Zealand footballer. He would tell my brother and I about his good feelings for his country, how friendly the people are, and it gave me a dream to come to New Zealand. For many, it used to be the United States. For me, it was New Zealand.
  • What do you enjoy most about your job? Most people coming past are on holiday. They are happy with no worries.
  • Where do you get your products from? It is all made in Nelson, by German sausage makers who have been making it there for 16 years.
  • Which product is your favorite, and how do you prepare or eat it? The salami. I put it with New Zealand cheeses. I make a lot of antipasto plates with the salami at home.
  • When you aren’t at work, where are we likely to find you? At any of your favorite bars or cafes around Christchurch? I tend to go to the places that my regular customers own. If they support me, I like supporting them too.
  • Complete the following sentence. I do this…."for the love of quality foods and good sausage.”
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The Bratwurst Grill at The Arts Centre, Worcester Blvd, Christchurch

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