Monday, January 25, 2010

Local Profile: Michelle Sullivan, Christchurch Daily Photo

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It is customary for most of us go about our daily lives without paying much attention to the commonplace things around us. But what if we could see our own city with a new perspective, through fresh eyes? This is exactly what Michelle Sullivan embarked upon doing, two years ago, when she started Christchurch Daily Photo. Michelle photographs the spaces, people, and everyday moments she comes across in Christchurch and posts a new photo each day to the site. I recently met up with Michelle to ask about her motivation to start Christchurch Daily Photo and what she enjoys most about documenting life in Christchurch. Here's what I discovered:
  • What motivated you start the Christchurch Daily Photo website? I started the site over two years ago. I had come across the Auckland Daily Photo site and loved it. I first checked to see if there was already a site like this for Christchurch and there wasn’t. It gave me an excuse to pick up the camera again after a break from photography. I set up the site in less than a day, and joined the international daily photo network of about 500 daily photo blogs from all around the world.
  • What do you enjoy most about doing Christchurch Daily Photo? The comments and feedback that I get from visitors to the site. Many are photographers themselves so there is a sense of achievement from their encouraging words. I also love that it’s become a way of documenting my life. I recently went back to look at photos from previous years and came across the image of New Year’s Eve ‘08/’09. I remember exactly how I felt taking that photo. Before that it’s kind of a blur.
  • Which is your favorite photo at present? The image of the Rapaki Track at dusk. I think it really captures a lovely part of Christchurch living – a warm, still Canterbury summer evening, with a view of the hills and of the sea. It was a magical night up in the hills.
  • When you aren’t at work, where are we likely to find you? Walking up in the Port Hills usually with my camera. I also quite like going to Lyttelton on a Saturday morning to go to the market, get a coffee, and wander the shops.
  • Fill in the blank - “I do this website, so I have an excellent excuse to go out and take photos.”
The following images are a taste of Michelle's daily photographic exploration. For more images visit Christchurch Daily Photo.

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