Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meadowlark Jewellery

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I became a fan of Meadowlark from coming across their jewellery at Infinite Definite, a shop on High Street. Meadowlark is created by Claire and Greg - two young New Zealand based designers with previous experience, respectively, in running fashion label Urchin (until it’s sale in 2004), and in visual arts and design for well-known brand Huffer, before turning focus to their present craft in jewelery design.

All of their collections are cast in silver and include a range of unisex pieces - necklaces, long pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings and cuff links. Their Starwood Lane and Mini Collections include a diamond cut out pendant (bling bling), swallow bird earrings, and anchor shapes. For ladies, we're loving the silver 'belt bracelet' in the Fit to Be Tied Collection.

Meadowlark is available at Infinite Definite (184 High Street) in Christchurch. Other New Zealand stockists are listed on the Meadowlark website.

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  1. Love the way meadowlark are coming out with new ranges on a regular basis, saw they have this on the way soon....