Monday, January 18, 2010

Top Bicycling Cities Announced. Let's Get Rolling ChCh!

An article in today's Press reveals a rating of The Top 10 Bicycle Friendly Cities of the world, including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Bogota, Portland, Oregon and Barcelona. No New Zealand cities were included in the list, but local media coverage of this topic highlights recognition over its growing significance. Most of the world's major cities have gotten behind biking as a means of creating sustainable cities and many overseas urbanites have embraced biking as a popular lifestyle trend.

While cars are the most common way of getting from point A to B in New Zealand, there is increasing interest in biking as a form of daily transport in Christchurch. This is evident through organized events like Frocks on Bikes, some hip bike shops opening up, and the presence of more fixed gears and old classic bikes on the street (not just lycra). There are also great deal of bike lanes for a city of this size, making cycling safer for those looking to take their daily trips via bicycle. Maps highlighting bike lanes within the city centre and routes from suburbs into the city can be found online or in brochure format in the lobby of the Christchurch City Council building.

As national Bike Wise month rolls around (February), we'll discuss more topics centred around bicycling and highlight some of the trends we're seeing in Christchurch.

Image Source: Cyclists in Copenhagen from

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