Monday, February 1, 2010

10 Reasons Why We Get Around by Bike in ChCh

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In honor of February being Bike Wise Month, we've put together ten reasons why we choose the bicycle as our daily mode of getting around Christchurch.

1. Christchurch and the inner suburbs are pretty flat and easy for biking.
2. Bikes aren't just utilitarian. Like cars, there are so many different styles and colors to suit anyone's personality. We love classic bicycles from the 20's-40' and especially Oxford style cruisers.
3. Getting around by bike saves money because you don't have to fill up the car's gas tank as often.
4. Biking gets the blood pumping. When you bike, you get less tired throughout the day and need less caffeine. And since you're burning calories while biking around town and don't have to go to the gym as often!
5. There are many bike lanes laid out through out the city. Maps of bike lanes are available in Christchurch City Council lobby or online here.
6. Biking is an easy way to do our part to be more eco-friendly.
7. You can also look stylish on a bike - girls in dresses, boys in buttondowns, oxfords, or tweeds. We love mod bike fashion.
8. It's convenient to not have to worry about finding or paying for parking as you would in a car.
9. The summer months are great for biking. We will need to bundle up more in order to bike in winter, but hey, they do it Copenhagen. So why can't we do it here. See Copenhagen Cycle Chic for inspiration.
10. We like the pace of life on a bike...not too fast, not too's just right!

The image above is of a group of cyclists enjoying a casual weekend ride around the city, spotted at the Dux de Lux. Tell us your thoughts - what do you like about getting around Christchurch on your bicycle?

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