Sunday, February 21, 2010

Christchurch Urban Revitalization Strategy Released

The report, created by urban design guru Jan Gehl and commissioned by Christchurch City Council, that strategizes revitalization efforts for the city centre, has just been released for organizational and public debate.

The report identifies the city's strengths (such as flat wide streets and large number of heritage buildings) and weaknesses (such as traffic dominated city and a city centre only heavily active during work hours), and puts forward 110 recommendations that emphasize pedestrian activity and encourage more cycling in the city centre. Recommendations to support these goals include continuous cycle lanes, a traffic reduced city centre, a reduction in the number of buses in Cathedral Square and on Colombo Street, and only allowing bus lanes on the periphery of the city centre.

Councillors are set to decide next week which recommendations will be given further investigation. Click here to read more in The Press's article about the release of the Jan Gehl report.

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