Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Eastern Album Release at Wunderbar, 26 & 27 Feb.

The Eastern is celebrating the release of their new album with two shows at Wunderbar this Friday and Saturday (26-27 Feb). A Blues/Bluegrass/Country band based in Lyttelton, The Eastern has played in venues around the world, but enjoy most playing in their home country rather above chasing the dream of fame abroad.

We first heard The Eastern play at the Arts Centre, as part of the Buskers Festival, and can attest to their talent of performing foot-stomping music that get the crowd really going. For a bit of insight into The Eastern's style and flavor, we use their own words - The Eastern"believes in kicks and sadness, heartbreak and hope, 12 bar blues and 12 round rock’n’roll, fistfights and dust, road songs and trains, justice and freedom, holding it up and putting it down, that long lonesome sound, the river rise, the gospel plow, scratches and skips, static and hum, bleeding fingers and beating hearts, pages and type, ink and lead, rain on tin, iron and wood, 33 and a third, 45, 78, boots on the floor, dirt in the cracks, guts, harmony melody and soul, thinking and walking, the road and the lines between, closed signs and flickering lights, nightfall and sunrise, Kerouac, Guthrie, the end of the golden weather and the night of the riots, sheds, collections and dreams, Strummer/Jones, Morrissey/Marr, the Hanks Chinaski and Williams, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Devlin, Memphis and myth, the south from gore to the Cargill and back…". Local Vanguard loves this description and couldn't have said it better ourselves.

For a taste of The Eastern's music, and to find out when even more of their shows are on, go to the The Eastern's MySpace Page.

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