Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Editor's Thoughts

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I started Local Vanguard while attempting to explore and learn about Christchurch - a city that I was to make my home for the next few years. I identified an opportunity to help promote a side of Christchurch that I believe is undersold...especially when comparisons are made to life in much larger cities. Christchurch may be small, but it has a mighty and growing presence of creative and unique cultural offerings. There's much more than meets the eye, here in the ol' Garden City. You may just have to dig (or chat up some locals) to find it. It's been my pleasure to do just that over the course of the last few months. I've hit the streets, spoken with shop owners, asked loads of questions, and discovered many of the local hot spots. And I know there are even more attractions to be found. However, my direct involvement in producing stories for the site must come to an end, due to an unexpected move back overseas.

This has been a truly rewarding project for me to have taken on. I have had the privilege of meeting and listening to many interesting characters and have attended some fantastic cultural events. The people I have met are passionate about what they do, and their work/hobbies help create the kind of unique offerings that make a city distinctive. I'm grateful for the amount of positive feedback from locals and the quick popularity of the site. I am also very appreciative of the help of friends, who pointed me in the direction of some of the city's long-standing local gems.

Furthermore, I am optimistic about the growing momentum of positive and creative happenings that I have observed taking place during my time here. I believe this city is on the cusp of an exciting cultural upswing. I am hopeful that Local Vanguard will continue to be a part of this movement, through the involvement of local contributing writers. If you are interested in contributing or just curious as to how to be involved, email us. It doesn't have to take a lot of commitment by one person if we all chip in - just photographing and writing about the things you are already seeing and doing. Email us at localvanguard@gmail.com.


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  1. thanks for doing this i hope your trip back overseas is good and you may return sometime!
    it has been a pleasure to read the blog and i hope it will continue