Tuesday, March 9, 2010

High Street Boutique Readys Itself for New Pop-Up

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Infinite Definite is a shop on High Street housing some of the city’s most unique fashions. Opened in December 2008, by young entrepreneurs Bob Weatherford and Jono Moran, Infinite Definite set out to create a different shopping experience to what was already on offer in Christchurch. They began with a small concept of carrying a unique mix of independent brands in a gallery type setting. A year and half on, they are enjoying a growing reputation as a shop where one can find a fantastic selection of high quality, artistically driven fashions.

Infinite Definite carries NZ based and international brands such as Karen Walker, Lonely Hearts, 27 Names, and Cheap Monday, as well as Bob and Jono’s own individual ranges, Hype or Tension and Infinite Definite, respectively. Infinite Definite also carries fashionable shoe brands, like California based Keep, and Schmid, designed by the same person behind Alexander McQueen’s sneaker line.

Infinite Definite is soon to offer even more, as they prepare to expand the shop through to Lichfield Street in the coming months. Simultaneously, they will open another storefront, two doors down on Lichfield. This separate space, called Dead Seat, will bring another truly unique fashion experience to Christchurch. The space will serve as a sort of guerilla pop-up store and gallery, but in the same location. Dead Set will not be open on a regular basis, but rather only for exclusive sale periods of a few days/hours at a time. Sale collections will vary and include preview clothing for the existing Infinite Definite space or for themed sales like the anticipated “Past Tense” sale of collectible vintage and second hand goods.

For news and updates from Infinite Definite, including the opening of these new spaces and the launch of their new website, become a friend of Infinite Definite on Facebook.

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Infinite Definite
184 High Street, City Center, Christchurch

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