Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Actor Takes a Stand for Local Arts and Historic Theatre

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Christchurch actor and director Mark Hadlow has a grand vision to transform the dilapidated Odeon Theatre into a vibrant $60 million arts complex. Hadlow took to the Odeon Theatre stage last night to recite Shakespeare and outline plans to restore the venue and build a two-storey arts complex on the car-park site next door. The plan thus far has no funding, however, Hadlow hopes the proposal will unite the city's arts organisations. He is quoted in today's Press, "I am tired of our complacency. Talking and talking and talking and never doing anything. We are very good at that,". Hadlow recognizes that it is an enormous project, and that it needs complete buy-in across the board, including from the public.

Local Vanguard says "good on him" - it's great to see people with a positive vision and passion for strengthening the cultural community and offerings. Tell us your thoughts.

Photo source: The Press, www.stuff.co.nz

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  1. Back when this was a church i went there with my parents. This building is stunning. Really really. I would be really keen to see it open and used again. Its very similar but larger (or seemed it when i was ten) to The Embassy in Wellington. I can see it being the venue of choice if done up properly.