Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is Les Mills a Precursor of Woolsack Lane Revitalisation?

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Les Mills opened a new flagship location on Cashel Street between Madras and Manchester streets a couple of months ago. We've been noticing a little bit more construction activity in the front of Woolsack lane since. Will the opening of this Les Mills location be a catalyst for drawing further activity to Woolsack Lane?

City Council currently has a strategic plan in place for developing of a network of lanes in the central city. The goal is to create a series of safe and attractive pedestrian corridors, offering vibrant mixed-use destinations for residents and visitors. Council identifies the need to partner with property owners to make the lanes plan a success. Is this one such partnership? Woolsack Lane is identified as a "medium to long term" priority of the Central City Lanes Plan, taking a backseat to those lanes of immediate priority for works, including: Lichfield Lanes, Sol Square, Colonial Lane, Westpac Lane, and Kivers Lane.

You can learn more about the proposed plans for the network of lanes and download strategy documents and specific design guidelines on the Christchurch City Council website.

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