Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Canterbury Cheesemongers

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Canterbury Cheesemongers is a cheese maturing and retail shop that pays tribute to speciality shops of yesteryears. The shop carries a fantastic variety of boutique cheeses from New Zealand and abroad, in-house baked breads and pastries, and a growing range of grocery items that accompany cheese. Rather than picking straight off of a contemporary store shelf, customers consult and buy goods over the counter from Canterbury Cheesemonger's knowledgeable staff. All of the cheeses you’ll find in this shop are made by small-scale cheesemakers, who are passionate about their craft. Some are ready to sell straight away, while others are matured in the shop’s storerooms for up to two years. Every purchase becomes special and unique, since Cheesemongers only carries one or two of a cheesemaker’s cheeses, rather than a whole range.

Before opening Canterbury Cheesemongers, its owners were involved in every aspect of a cheesemaking and selling, in addition to breadmaking, in the UK. They first opened a stand at the Arts Centre and Riccarton Markets in 2000, before moving into the Salisbury Street location two years later.

In addition to purchasing cheeses, breads, and some grocery items, you can also order sandwiches at lunchtime. Just pick out your favorite cheese and watch it be cut in the maturing room. The cheese is placed inside a fresh made ciabatta roll with a gorgeous chutney and boutique salad greens. It’s a steal at lunchtime at $6/$7 (depending on if the cheese is from NZ or imported), not to mention absolutely delicious!

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Canterbury Cheesemongers
44 Salisbury St (off Victoria St), Christchurch
Opening Hours: Tue.-Fri. 10am to 6pm, Sat. 10am to 4pm

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  1. It's handily located by The Cupcake Parlour too so you mitigate the girly sugariness with a nice manly bracing blue cheese.

    I also enjoy their cheese straws, nicely spiced.