Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chch Mapkin (2006)

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A friend recently told me about the Christchurch Mapkin - an art piece created in 2006 by Emil Goh, a Malaysian born Australian artist, based out of Seoul Korea. Christchurch Mapkin was one of the selected artworks for Scape 2006, the former biennial event of over 20 international and national artists exploring the definition and parameters of art in public space with temporary works.

In the creation of the Christchurch Mapkin, Emil spoke the local shop owners, artists, architects, and a variety of other locals to learn about the way they accessed and personalized their city environment. The Christchurch Mapkin was the third in a series. The first was in Emil's hometown of Sydney and then the second, his new home of Seoul Korea. These mapkins were a way of charting human activity in order to discover the city that lies beneath official city maps.

While reading up on the Christchurch Mapkin, I was saddened to discover that Emil Goh passed away just a couple of months ago (September 2009). To learn about more of Emil Goh's life, talent, and works click here and here.

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